Can A Non-Jew Eat The Kosher Food?

Is it morally wrong for a non-Jew to eat off the kosher food table?

Situation backgrounder: I’m at a reception honoring hospital volunteers. More than 3,000 Good Samaritans are packed into a trendy Midtown restaurant and the food line is way out the door. But, there’s no line for the Kosher food and banquet table is overflowing with mouth-watering appetizers and it isn’t Gefilte fish.  There’s this moment when I think: “Dare I….”

Blond hair and blue eyes, I realize that to New Yorkers my looks scream Midwest yahoo. To them I’m nothing more than Elly May Clampett in a suit, which can work in my favor. If one of the hospital’s surgeons or oncologists floating through he crowd questions me, I’ll do an Elizabeth Taylor and claim I converted to Judaism for love. Freedom of religion.  Who dare challenge me?

But Catholic guilt gets me every time. I leave on an empty stomach.

2 responses to “Can A Non-Jew Eat The Kosher Food?

  1. I’ve started following your blog and was “catching up” on the earlier postings- Oh – I do wish you had tackled that table and then been able to write what the food was, and which had appealed. Special tables are often set up for those who can’t ,for religious or health reasons, eat from the regular table, and food is meant to be eaten. Perhaps next time…
    Best wishes to you and your daughter Savannah, and do keep keeping us informed.


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