The Facts

Facts – Just The Facts – About Me

  • I’ve joined – and subsequently dropped out – of Weight Watchers no less than 30 times.  I hate that damn point system.
  • I’ll pretty much go on a first date with anyone, as long as they’re paying.
  •  In my next career I want to be a talk show host or psychologist, and if possible both.  I’d be like Dr. Phil but with a feminist twist.
  •  I went to an all girls Catholic boarding school.  I’m convinced the only reason the nuns allowed for me to stay was because they needed the tuition money.
  • I was at the infamous Who concert in Cincinnati where 11 people were trampled.
  • I think glasses can be very sexy.
  • If Hugh Hefner invited me to live at the Playboy mansion I’d be there in a flash.  For free food and lodging, there’s little I won’t do.
  • I have a thing for edgy, intellectual Jewish guys.  If Norman Mailer were still alive he’d be just my type.
  • I have an irrational fear of being buried alive.
  • I worked out all the issues with my parents in therapy years ago and have forgiven my father for being a raging, abusive alcoholic.  The only thing I’m still mad about is that he never helped put up the Christmas tree.

5 responses to “The Facts

  1. Gotta admit I would carpool with you to the Mansion to hang with Hef, you know, if I had boobs and was still in my 20s. I actually met Bridget from “The Girls Next Door” a couple times. She’s super sweet and likes animals.Too bad she’s not still there. We all could have hung together…


  2. No matter what the feminists just once I would love to visit the Mansion


  3. Being buried alive! I think everyone would have that “irrational fear” 🙂


  4. I’ve just nominated you for a couple of blogging awards. Check out my next post! Congrats!


  5. I love your blog and have followed…looking forward to more!!


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