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World Problems vs Kid Problems

If you were to ask my daughter to rank world problems, I am sure having the pickle touch the grilled cheese is among them.

Not My Daughter: When A Father Denies An ADHD Diagnosis

After years of managing the conveyor belt of forms, appointments and tests tied to a special needs child, you want the path of least resistance.  So, when my daughter asked that I hide her ADHD medicine in her violin case and drop it off at school, I didn’t hesitate.

Insane?  Silly? Embarrassing?  Yes, I agree to all.  But, for me, drug smuggling was easier than dealing with a contentious ex.

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As The Child Grows And Changes, So Does Mom’s Job Description

“I want to walk to school by myself,” Savannah announced sometime after New Year’s.

For years I dreamed of this moment, but now that it was finally here I was hesitant to forgo our morning routine. I realized I was being written out of a job. Granted, it was one I hated, but it was my job, after all

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Got Chocolate Milk?

According to my 9-year-old, the best indicator of a restaurant’s food and service is the quality of the chocolate milk they serve.

Friday Fun Fact

A baby can cost new parents 750 hours of sleep in the first year.

Breyers® Keeps It Simple; Tells Customers: “No Hormones For You!”

Channeling the Soup Nazi on “Sienfeld,” Breyers®, the ice cream maker that has been dishing out scoops to families for more than 150 years, is telling its customers: “No hormones for you!”

Committed to providing quality product, Breyers® announced it will only use milk and cream from farmers who don’t treat their cows with artificial growth hormones,  By the end of the month, you’ll be able to find Breyers® ice cream stamped with “No Artificial Growth Hormones Used on Cows. Our Milk and Cream Promise” on the tamper band.  All those other delicious brands – Fruttare®, Good Humor®, Klondike®, Magnum® and Popsicle® Brands – are expected to do the same later this year.

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Vaccinate Your Kids, Folks

My daughter Savannah is one of the children who can’t receive the MMR vaccine. I was gung-ho on getting her fully vaccinated until a round of hospitalizations and a blood transfusion derailed my plans and I was emphatically told by her team of doctors: “Don’t!”

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