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Let the Evaluations Begin

The soft-spoken psychologist had asked “Can you elaborate?” so many times I was starting to think it was less out of curiosity and more an attempt to impress the pretty female superior who sat to his right observing and taking notes.

For two hours on Thursday, I sat in a windowless office surrounded by children’s art and psych books, as two child psychologists pounded me with questions about the last decade of my child’s misdeeds and inappropriate behavior.

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How ADHD has Separated Me from the Parenting Pack

“It’s isolating, isn’t it?” a former colleague remarked when I shared that my daughter who was born with a rare genetic disease, also has ADHD and ODD.

We were at a sushi place in SoHo having lunch. I was taken with Jane’s ability to zero in and so accurately encapsulate my experience with my daughter Savannah. However, she was right. Raising a special needs child isolates you from the parenting pack. I often feel very overwhelmed and alone in my battles to ensure my daughter’s issues are being addressed.

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The Emotional Toll of Raising a Child with ADHD

It was Memorial Day weekend and we were staying at an old friend’s house in the Midwest. The house had a pool, which for my daughter, a New York City kid, was a rare treat.

At one point, as my friend and I sat in the house and watched her play, she got out of the pool and came to the screen door. From my perch at the kitchen counter, I could see her peering in at us.

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When One Parent Is In Denial About A Child’s ADHD

Yesterday I spent a good two hours cleaning and organizing the file cabinet where I store all Savannah’s school and medical records. Every special needs child comes wrapped in mounds of paper – medical bills, IEPs, lab reports, psych evaluations, test results – and mine is no different. Honestly, it’s quite overwhelming, and I learned early on if I’m not a Nazi with my record keeping, a doctor’s bill will get kicked to collections or lab report lost, so it’s critical I stay on top of it.

Buried deep in the files I found an old e-mail from Savannah’s pre-K teacher that I had forgotten.  The teacher had a laundry list of complaints, mainly that Savannah couldn’t focus, stay on task and had trouble socializing with peers.

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The Heartache and Anger of Dealing with a Child Who Steals

I slept with my wallet in my pillowcase last night hoping it would deter my daughter’s sticky fingers.  But, when I went to retrieve it this morning to pay the dog walker, to my shock and horror, it was empty.  A lone receipt laid in the fold created to hold bills.  Every last dollar was gone.

Savannah had just left for school and was waiting for the elevator when I made the discovery.  I immediately swung open the door and yelled down the hall for her to return.

“Where’s the money?!” I yelled, flashing the flimsy wallet that she had made for me at camp with duct tape. “Where’s the money?”

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The School Wants A Meeting, But Will The Ex Show-Up?

After a decade of baby daddy drama, I no longer whitewash the truth when dealing with therapists, school personnel, and doctors. I’m blunt and to the point.

“Hate to make your job more difficult, but you’ll need to schedule two meetings,” I told the school principal. “The father won’t attend if he knows I’ll be there.”

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Caught in the Act of Bad Parenting

My neighborhood heard me yelling at my daughter and was appalled.

My neighbor’s wife had a baby five months prior and he still has that new parent glow and enamored with everything his child does. He has yet to find unfinished math homework hidden under the bed or discover that his kid runs opposite of the ball in soccer.

I was my neighbor once.

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