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Daily Inspiration

“Debt isn’t worth it.  Nothing is more draining and humiliating than being in debt. Spend below your means. Save money. Live free.” Source: “Ultimate List of 50 Life Lessons You Must Learn,” LiveBoldandBloom

Learning The Power of Saying “No”

In a bold move, I recently turned down a date with a seemingly nice guy.

As a professional people pleaser, asserting myself, drawing boundaries and pushing back are skills I’ve never acquired. The result has been a lifetime of limping through bad dates and so-so relationships because I either ignored the red flags that screamed “unavailable” and “problems,” or simply couldn’t say, “No.”

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Weekly Dating Dose

The most lethal person on the dating scene is the newly-separated, soon-to-be divorced man.  He’s a whirl of confusion, and packed with more issues, mamma baby drama and emotional baggage than Third Class steerage on the Titanic.  And fresh out of family court, he’s also broke.  Unless you enjoy hearing stories about the “be-otch” ex-wife, better to avoid this one.

Weekly Dating Dope

Unless you relish having your romantic life on display and analyzed, don’t let your coffee addiction convince you to meet a first date at Starbucks. Crowded and drafty, it’s the adult equivalent of the high school cafeteria. A clean-shaven man and a lipstick wearing woman will be immediately pegged as a source of entertainment for those office-less freelancers and “writers” pretending to work on their laptops.

How Can Help Single Parents “Fall Into Love” This October


Earlier this year I dated a man who seemed perfect in every way until one night at a cozy downtown bistro he unleashed a tirade about his ex-girlfriend’s two adopted children.

“Oh, gawd, they were horrible,” he wailed.  “I suggested she send them back to Russia.”

He snickered.  I cringed.

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Sunday’s Saying

“We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh.”  Agnes Repplier

Weekly Dating Dope

Taking relationship advice from a single friend is comparable to asking a blind man for directions.  Instead of relying on your equally miserable single girlfriends for counsel, seek out happily married sistas and grandma-types. Having succeeded at the dating game, they have great insight and intuition when it comes to men and relationships.

My BFF, who has been married 32 years and is also a grandma, is and my go-to person when I have a “dating crises.”  With no book or talk show to her credit, her pearls of wisdom are always right on and can compete with Dr. Phil or John Gray any day.