Vita Coca Kids Is My New Gatorade

My daughter Savannah is more finicky than “Mikey” from the old Life commercials about what she’ll eat and drink. Compounding matters is that she has a rare medical condition, so I need to ensure her blood sugar is stabilized and she stays hydrated at her New York City day camp.  Yet, like most moms, I don’t want her downing sugary drinks to do so.

Then I found the perfect solution: Vita Coco Kids.  The naturally flavored coconut water has half the calories and sugar of regular juices and is packed with 200 mg of potassium.  Better yet, Vita Coco Kids comes in three favors – Apple Island, Very Cherry Beach and Paradise Punch – all of which my little camper gives a “9” on a scale of 1-10.  In other words, she “likes it!”

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