Peter: Date With Mr. IT

When Peter, an Asian IT guy, offered to take me for sushi there was no way in hell could I say no.  I always said if I was on death row sushi would be my last meal.  As in:  “Warden, bring me 30 pieces of your best sushi.  And throw in a couple California rolls on the side!”

I’ve spent most of my life dating creative types – musicians, writers, artists, you name it – who are unconventional and self-absorbed, so Peter was a welcomed relief.  I was also pleasantly surprised after my string of short guys he was over 5’5, though certainly not the 6’ feet he claimed.

Peter fit a lot of the Asian stereotypes.  He was a second generation success story who, like his own parents, was consumed with his children’s education.  One, as a result, was a nationally competitive swimmer and the other has just graduated from elite college and was preparing for law school.  As a parent who always fears their kid is destine for the Jerry Springer show, I was naturally curious to how one raises such well-behaved, academically gifted children, so this became the focal point of our conversation.  Aside from moving to a good school district in New Jersey, however, he never did say.

When not talking about his kids, Peter reverted to short, simple sentences.   “Yup.”  “Nope.”  “How’s your sushi?”   I had to go into light, cheery overdrive and fill in the gaps with entertaining stories of my work and clients.  For an hour over sushi, easy.  But on a second and longer date, I’d be exhausted, so sidestepped his suggestion we meet again.

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