New App Makes Learning To Read Fun

I grew up pre-Sesame Street, so having to rely on Captain Kangeroo, I consider it a miracle I knew my ABC’s by time I the time I started kindergarten.

Given my own struggles to learn to read, I was naturally impressed when I discovered the new app Learn with Homer. It’s a complete, comprehensive literacy program for children aged three to six. Created by well-known education reformer Stephanie Dua, the app is based on the best teaching practices and aligned with the tough new standards of the Common Core.

LwH_StarLight_sshot“I know there’s a lot of great research on how to teach children to read,” said Dua. “But when my own daughter wanted to learn, I couldn’t find any suitable materials for parents. That’s when Learn with Homer was born. It brings the best early learning techniques together in just one app.”

Learn with Homer’s design is unique. It combines learning to read with learning to understand the world. Drawing from prominent evidence-based research, the app rigorously exposes children to the building blocks of reading—and also allows them to experience the fun of being able to read. Crucially, it also gives children the science and history knowledge that allow their later comprehension to soar. These connected experiences promote learning on and off iPad.

LwH_LittlePlant_sshot“The single biggest predictor of children’s academic success is their reading level at third grade,” said Dua. “We want to help kids and parents in the early years, when it matters most. So every element of Learn with Homer serves a learning purpose. But the app is also wildly fun. Our parent testers were blown away by how much their children enjoyed using Learn with Homer – and even more by how much their children learned.”

Learn with Homer is available for free from the App Store on iPad or at Additional content is available through In-App Purchase. Parent tools to track learning, as well as fun downloadables, are available on the Learn with Homer parent website: Background Learn with Homer founder

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