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My Life In Knots: Misti Chunky Rib Scarf

IMG_7111Often I knit with no intent in mind.  I’m more an impulse knitter, purchasing colors and brands I love knowing eventually I’ll find a the right owner of the scarf or hat I’m making.

This scarf is case at point.  I’m a big fan of Misti Baby Alpaca and immediately fell in love with these colors.

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My Life In Knots: Snowflake Hat


This is my first snowflake hat and, unfortunately, the photo doesn’t do the project justice.  Up close it is adorable.

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My Life In Knots: Cables

IMG_6334I discovered the joy of knitting cables late in my “knitting career.”  For years I deliberately stayed away from knitting anything with cables, assuming they would be too difficult for a bang-it-out-and-get-it-done knitter like myself.  That theory got quickly put to rest with the discovery of this pattern on Raverly (Cable Hat).  I’m now hooked.

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New York Times Spotlights The Benefits of Knitting

Knitting.jgpI learned to knit shortly after my daughter was born and soon became addicted, as it became my coping mechanism for dealing with all her medical issues. Like a mad woman on deadline, I furiously stitched my way through those countless doctor appointments and hospitalizations. At that time, I wasn’t as concern about finishing my the scarf or hat I was knitting inasmuch to trying to alleviate my stress and redirect my thoughts.

Looking back on those early years I can recall several occasions when doctors, noting my fragile emotional state, asked if I wanted “something.” I always refused. What got me through those long, lonely nights sitting in emergency rooms and waiting for tests results wasn’t prescription based, but some good yarn and needles.

In today’s New York Times there’s a great piece by Jane Brody on the health benefits of knitting. As a knitocholic who can’t go anywhere without having at least one knitting project stashed in my bag, I am delighted that knitting finally is getting the recognition it deserves.

My Life In Knots: Fingerless Gloves

IMG_2286I am an ADD knitter. That is to say my preference is to work on many projects simultaneously and ones that I can bang out fast, which explains my love for fingerless gloves. It’s a great portable project that doesn’t consume too much time or money.

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My Life In Knots: Lady Godiva Scarf




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