Questions For The Soccer Mom Madam

First was the Mayflower Madam.  Then Jersey girl Ashley Dupre.  And, now from upstate New York the Millionaire Madam (a.k.a. Anna Scotland Gristina).

What makes Anna so gosh darn interesting is that she’s so homespun she screams soccer mom.  I have this image in my head of her stirring a pot of chili while talking on the phone with a John.  “I got this blonde with 34 DDs that I think you’ll love…”

It’s the dichotomy between her home and work life that has me bursting with questions.  For starters, how does one parlay domestic duties into a fast track career in the sex trade business? What’s the point of career entry?

Then there’s the question of who’s in that heavily guarded black book?  Surely, after all his troubles, not Spitzer.  But I’m hoping Charlie Sheen.  The Vatican Assassin would make for an entertaining witness, especially if decides to plead the Fifth and pontificate about “winning.”

And exactly where did the reported $2 million that she raked in go?  The dowdy attire and bad dye job suggests it wasn’t hair and wardrobe.  Likewise, regarding the $600 rent controlled sublet on East 78th Street, not that decor was the draw.  But she couldn’t splurge on an upgrade?

Finally, what does a hooker do that she can command $2,000?  Girl on girl?  Anal?  Swallow?  Supply the drugs and roll the joint?

Oh, if only she’d take the witness stand with that little black book.

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