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Take 5 Q&A: Ronnie Ann Ryan, Dating Coach and Author

RYAN-1-IsHeTheOne-Ebk-Cover-FINAL-flat-1Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan has worked with successful women who have a hot career, but a chilly love life since 2002. She believes that love is everyone’s destiny and has helped thousands of women overcome obstacles to attracting love. She is also the author of five books including her newest Is He the One? Find Mr. Right by Spotting Mr. Wrong.

For this installment of “Take 5 Q&A,” I asked Ronnie about her work as a dating coach, common mistakes women make when dating and how after years of singlehood she met her husband.

What exactly is a dating coach?  Can you explain briefly how you help your clients find their soul mate, and, if possible, share a success story?

As a certified dating coach, I help successful women find love. We focus on how to attract and meet high-quality men with easy, proven methods and assess their beliefs to uncover potential obstacles to love. Next, we’ll create a Dating Action Plan to meet plenty of men and I share my radically simplified way to understand men to minimize frustration and angst and avoid dating men who waste your time.

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Take Five Q&A: Jayanti Tamm, Author of “Cartwheels In A Sari”

AuthorBlessed with exceptional weather this summer, I spent many weekends at the beach under my an umbrella indulging in my favorite pastime: reading.  One of the best books I read during this period was Jayanti Tamm’s book “Cartwheels In A Sari,” an amazing story of girl who grew up in  a “cult” led by the guru Sri Chinmoy, a man who declared himself “God.”

For years I’ve seen Sri Chinmoy’s posters scattered throughout Manhattan advertising free mediations classes, so was initially drawn to “Cartwheels In A Sari” out of curiosity.  Yet it was Jayanti’s exceptional writing and gift for storytelling that made me not want to put the book down.

The book is written through the eyes of child, and reading about Sri Chimnoy’s absurd demands and restrictive lifestyle that forbid followers TV, music, movies and relations with the opposite sex, I found myself both laughing while simultaneously feeling sorry for the little girl described in the book.

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Jennifer Twardowski, Self and Relationship Coach

JenniferFrom helping a bitter divorcée forgive a philandering ex to teaching a young co-ed how to set boundaries are just some of the issues that self and relationship coach Jennifer Twardowski tackles at work.

Based in Northern California, Jennifer works with clients worldwide, helping them to identify and remove the blocks that prevent them from living their full potential. She has been featured in scores of media outlets, including The Huffington, BeliefNet, Your Tango and Cosmopolitan.

Here she shares the story that brought her to coaching, along with a couple client success stories.  To learn more or to work one-on-one with her, go to For a sample of her work, sign up for her Guided Meditation.

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Lisa Phillips, Life and Confidence Coach

Photos - Lis PhillipsImagine being able to walk into a room full of strangers with ease and confidence, or having the chutzpah to push back on the office bully.

For the past 15 years, Aussie Life and Confidence Coach, Lisa Phillips, has been helping her clients release old patterns so they can do that and much more. Trained in Confidence and Life Coaching, Counseling and Neuro Linguistic Program, she uses a holistic approach to help individuals and organizations make effortless transformation in lives.

She is regularly featured on TV, radio and print Down Under, as well as writes a column for a UK paper.  Her book, The Confidence Coach, is an excellent read for anyone needing an ego boost.

In today’s “Take Five,” Lisa shares her impetus for becoming a Confidence Coach, while giving some pointers on how one can take control of their life.

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Take Five Q&A: Dr. Samantha Rodman, Author and Founder of

Pysch DocReading Dr. Samantha Rodman’s list of credentials, it is hard not to be in impressed.  The Maryland mom is raising three children under the age of five, while working as a clinical psychologist, dating coach and maintaining her widely popular website  An expert in issues pertaining to parenting, dating, sex and relationships, she has written for such media outlets as The York Times, Washington Post, SheKnows and Huffington Post.  Out later this month is her first book, How to Talk to Kids About Your Divorce, with Adams Media.  (See Amazon)

In this installment of Take 5, I ask the doctor about her motivation for becoming a psychologist, along with insights and observations gathered from years of helping people navigate the parenting and relationship maze.

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Take Five Q&A: Bella Acton, Founder and CEO, Never Liked It Anyway

Bella ActonWorse than being jilted last minute at the altar is being stuck with a never worn $8,000 Vera Wang wedding dress. What recourse does a woman have?

Typically women turn to their therapist and Häagen-Dazs after being dumped. Bella Acton, a brand and marketing consultant, has created a better way for the broken-hearted to stick it to the fickle man. Her website, Never Liked It Anyway, allows users to sell all those unwanted gifts and mementos from past relationships, so they can break the mental spin cycle of rehashing the ex’s misdeeds and move on with their lives.

In this installment of “Take Five Q&A,” Never Liked It Anyway CEO and Founder gives the site’s backstory, while discussing the therapeutic value of selling that tacky turquoise bracket, the Yankees mug, the Key West T-shirt – gifts you never really liked anyway, but pretended to in good relationship fashion.

For more information on how to get rid of your relationship leftovers, go to

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Take Five Q&A: Jackie Kellso, President, PointMaker Communications

JackieYears ago I was introduced to Jackie Kellso by a friend who thought given our common interests we might click.

Upon meeting, it became apparent why my friend had been singing Jackie’s praises, as I was immediately struck by her confidence.  She epitomized all the things that I, or any professional career woman for that matter, strive to be: savvy, smart and successful.  This was more than 10 years ago and Jackie was just winding down a long career in media sales (The New Yorker, New York Magazine, A&E Network, Viacom, iVillage and Hearst Magazines), while working as a highly sought Dale Carnegie trainer and contemplating her next career move.

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