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Wordless Wednesday


Sunday’s Saying

“Believe that problems do have answers, that they can be overcome and that you can solve them.” Norman Vincet Peale

Friday Fun Fact

The Pledge of Allegiance was written as part of a plan to sell flags to schools.

Friday Fun Fact

ExxonMobil has the biggest income tax bill, paying a whopping $30 billion a year in corporate income tax, followed by Chevron and Apple.

An Easter Tradition I Can Do Without

I have yet to discover what are the redeeming qualities of Peeps.

Seriously, do you eat them or put them in the window to ward-off vampires?

Let There Be Playdates

Next to disposable diapers and TV, drop-off playdates have to be one of the greatest inventions of “momkind.”

The “After” Birthday Party

My daughter wants an “after party” after her birthday party.

I don’t know what is more distressing.  The fact that the idea came from a 9-year-old or the that we live in a small NYC 2-bedroom apartment and the only space available for such thing is the bathroom.