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Sunday’s Saying

“I want my children to have all the things I couldn’t afford. Then I want to move in with them.” Phyllis Diller

Wordless Wednesday

IMG_6940Magnolia Bakery, West Village

My Life In Knots: Snowflake Hat


This is my first snowflake hat and, unfortunately, the photo doesn’t do the project justice.  Up close it is adorable.

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Dear Divorced Dad, Please Don’t Make Us a Surrogate for What You’ve Lost

Note:  This piece was originally published on the Good Men Project

Dear Divorced Dad,

Of the many women you’ll encounter after you reenter the dating world, chances are it will be someone like myself, the single mom, to whom you’ll feel the strongest pull.  My situation will strike as familiar.  There’s the added bonus that I bring to the relationship a little girl who will absolutely adore you.  For this reason alone you need to be honest about your real intentions.  Is it romance or an attempt to recapture the family and all that you lost in your divorce?

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Retrain Your Brain So You Can Get Unstuck & Move Forward!

Neuroscience has proven that your thoughts and belief systems hold you back and can lead to feeling stuck, stopped and stalled. Through Jackie Kellso’s brain-based approach, learn how to shift to “right” thinking in ways that can propel you forward in your career and in life!

On Saturday, February 27, Jackie is leading an interactive and engaging workshop to help you:
~ Uncover beliefs and thoughts that hold you back
~ Learn thinking techniques to make better decisions
~ Create a statement that will communicate your value
~ Change irrational thinking to rational action
~ Design a new mission that will be your guide for moving forward

To register, go to:

To The Curiosity Seekers Who Ask About My Daughter’s Medical Condition

It’s a dance in which I know all the steps too well. I bump into an old friend or acquaintance and after a moment of polite chitchat the conversation takes a sharp left turn and the tone becomes serious. “How’s Savannah doing?” they’ll ask.

This is where I falter.
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My Life In Knots: Fingerless Gloves

IMG_2286I am an ADD knitter. That is to say my preference is to work on many projects simultaneously and ones that I can bang out fast, which explains my love for fingerless gloves. It’s a great portable project that doesn’t consume too much time or money.

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