The Back Story

I’m a 40-something single mom who after a 4-year-hiatus to raise my daughter decided in September 2009 to re-enter the cut-throat Manhattan dating scene.  Getting dates I soon found was comparable to securing a job interview in a bad economy.  A year later the only dates to my credit was a brief stint with a retired cop still entangled in a nasty legal battle with his ex-wife, and a handful of Starbuck outings with an assortment of damaged men – a hard-core 12-stepper, a malpractice attorney looking for a dominatrix, and a 9/11 medic on disability.

I prevail because, quite frankly, I like sex too much and am not ready to resign to a life of celibacy.  Not yet, anyway.  I am also a born romantic and believe in the notion that there is someone for everyone.  So, I figure there must be a buyer out there who could appreciate my selling points: relatively attractive, curvy (read between the lines if you must), gainfully employed, emotionally available and a lot of fun once liquored-up.

Lipsticks and Playdates is the brainchild of a conversation I had with a fellow single mom friend.  Upon hearing the tales of lies and deceit, she had one piece of advice: “Blog.”  So, here on these pages, are my adventures of trying to find “Mr. Right” after the big 4-0 in the most interesting city in the world.  Enjoy.

8 responses to “The Back Story

  1. I’m a close to 40 mom of three. Luckily I’m now happily married but I did my share of hitting the dating sites hard. Enjoyed the company of the guy I deemed “the Russian rapist,” the attorney who kissing him was like a piece of paper, and the real estate guy with whom the date was fabulous, he told me it was fabulous, wrote me an email telling me everything was fabulous but I clearly was looking for a daddy for my little girl (um no!). And I almost forgot the guy who had “ethereal issues” as he put it! Persevere. I’ve been married to a great guy for 7yrs that I met online. You know what they say about frogs…though I think of them as species below frogs!


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  3. I TOTALLY get you. I’m a stand-up comic who took of 15 YEARS to raise two sons and now I’m getting back into it. I found you when you stopped by my blog (thank you, btw). I like your blog so much that I’m nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it my shout-out of your on my latest post:

    And keep up the good work!


  4. First thanks for visiting my blog and giving my article a “like”. I got married for the first time at 39 and found dating to be absolute hell. Cosmetics (lack of height and a disability) ruled me out for a vast swath of women. My mom’s old adage “you’re not marrying a bunch of women, just one” wasn’t much consolation,

    I wound up “meeting” my wife on an Internet mock-up of the Dating Game (that old TV chestnut). She was the bachelorette and I was one of three bachelors and my charm (ho ho) won the day. We wound up corresponding back and forth for a while, became friends and then got married. I’d say marrying a friend is the best recipe for success. I just wish I weren’t so damn old! (We’ve been married 12 years and have an eight year old daughter).

    So, hang in there. I DO believe there is at least one person for everyone!


  5. Hi Jordan, I really enjoy your posts about life as a single mom reentering the dating scene. I can totally relate having been a single mom for nine years before I met my husband. I wasn’t in New York, but I came across my share of frogs. I want to invite you to do a three day quote challenge. See my post today for more details. I decided to choose a theme, but you don’t have to. The rules of the challenge are: 1) Thank the person who nominated you; 2) Post a quote each day for three days; and 3) Each day nominate three new bloggers to take part. No pressure, but if you like, give it a go!


  6. Don’t give up. It’s an old story I know but I had been happily single for many years, truly no longer looking, when at my 40th high school reunion I spotted the guy I had the secret crush on way back then. We have been together ever since. (11 years) It can happen anytime!!!
    Love your writing.


  7. Hi thanks for the follow I am always grateful, I am a married Mum … am I allowed here! 🙂


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