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How Do You Teach A Tween To Value Herself?

It was 6:30 a.m. and we were in the dog park with Sadie and Joey, our neighbor’s adorable mutts, when my 11-year-old announced she felt “guilty” for charging the dogs’ owners for her services. All I could think is the neighbors are snug in their bed and we’re scooping up poop, praying Joey, the older dog who clearly has one paw in the dog cemetery, doesn’t die on our shift and you feel guilty?

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How Managing My Daughter’s Rare Disease Has Changed My Persective

“He hates us and has reported half the office to Human Resources,” one of my two bosses vented during our initial meeting.

By the time I arrived at the company in late November, my bosses were exasperated with Jason’s antics.  He was notorious for walking off the job when flustered and having heated arguments with staffers, so, my guess, they were trying to thwart a lawsuit.

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Tips On How To Deal With A Bullying Boss

The key to success in the workplace is knowing how to work with co-workers on all rungs of the ladder, but especially your boss.  In this recently released “Ask Jackie” video, Jackie Kellso, President of PointMaker Communications, provides tips on how to work with a demanding manager, so regardless of the situation, you’re seen as a solution-oriented, high performer.  For more of Jackie’s tips, go to https://pointmakercommunications.wordpress.com/.

The Devil Wears Prada Lives On

I’ve been up close and personal with some real life devils wearing Prada.

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