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Wordless Wednesday

IMG_9707At the Washington Plaza Hotel pool in DC.

Pass Me The Crown: Next Life I Want To Come Back As A Princess

As I headed down 14th Street in D.C. to pick-up breakfast at the local Cosi, I was reminded again that in my tiny single parent household there are no traditional roles.  By defacto, I am both the hunter and gathered.

It was still early and the DC streets were just starting to wake. There were clusters of homeless men loitering on street corners. “Can you spare some money pretty lady?” Hotel workers consumed cleaning their tiny patch of sidewalk. Young workers with Starbucks cups in hand, who with their J Crew looks, I pegged as working for a lobbyist or a Congressional aide. But, I’m from New York, so I assume everyone in D.C. works on The Hill.

Then came me: the gatherer-turned-hunter. Out early in search of food as my tribe of one waited back at the hotel.

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Wordless Wednesday

IMG_9735Across the street from the White House

Vacationing With A Kid

You could present a 10-year-old with the opportunity to see any tourist attraction in the world – Mount Rushmore, Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China or hang out at the hotel pool – and the hotel pool would win every time.