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First Day Of Summer Camp: A Dose Of Reality

It’s a drizzly, gray Monday morning and I just shoved a bottle of pills and a syringe into a 20-something black kid’s hand.

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How I Was Driven To “Knit”

I often tell friends that my daughter’s health problems drove me to knit.

Within 24 hours of Savannah’s birth, I was torpedoed into a medical abyss of emergency rooms and intensive care units. Born with a medical condition that affects only 1 in 250,000, my life for the next 4 years would yo-yo between near fatal emergencies and the quest to get her properly diagnosed and treated.

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How I Learned To Throw My “Mommy Weight”

It was like watching someone be tortured.

A grunting Chinese doctor clawed at my 5-week-old’s arm with a needle with the focused intensity of a grizzly picking at a carcass, as a young nurse fought to hold her down.

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The Medical Form and The Principal

In a replay of my Catholic boarding school days, I was pulled into the principal’s office at Savannah’s school on Friday.  Not mincing words, the principal dead-eyed me and said, “Quite frankly, given your daughter’s medical condition, I’m shocked you’re not more on top of it.”

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Lesson One: Sometimes You Need To Dump Your Doctor

When Dr. G., Savannah’s first endocrinologist, and I parted, the tension was palpable.  She obviously wanted me – the note taking mother – to just take her sick child and GO, but her massive ego interfered.

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The Reality: Single Mom Raising A Special Needs Child

Women have been raising children solo ever since the sexes started procreating.  Yet, by the reaction of some to my single mom status, you’d think I just climbed Mt. Everest without oxygen.

I’ve been through the curiosity seekers’ drill so many times I know their list of questions verbatim.  The first is always:  “Is the father involved?”  (Yes.)  Second:  “Do you have family in the area?”  (No.)

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