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Flying Solo: My Decision Not To Date

What started out as chitchat in the elevator spilled out into the hallway. Somewhere between our kids and the weather, the conversation took a sharp left and my neighbor began venting about his marital problems. Sex, of lack of, topped the list.

Most would have walked then, but I suffered from “friendly ear” syndrome and stayed put. Worse, I nodded.

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Weekly Dating Dope

Don’t make the hasty assumption that because someone is on a dating web site that they actually want to meet, much less date.  The online dating world is littered with lonely souls, married men and fakes who, if not nip in the bud, will keep you in a perpetual spin cycle of e-mails.  If they can’t meet, or at the very least talk, after 3 or 4 e-mails, cut and run.