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Single Motherhood In Focus

Single mothers in the US have tripled since 1960, causing a seismic shift in family structure. Today there are 12 million single-parent families in the US, more than 80 percent of which are headed by single mothers. In fact, New York is home to one of only five counties in the country where the percentage of households run by single mothers is greater than 30 percent (Bronx).

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Take Responsibility?

Given the choice of being either the mother or father, I’d go with the father. It comes with blaming rights.

Age-Related Question

At what age do kids realize that their mothers are always right and they need to listen?  I want to make sure I’m on hand for this long-awaited moment.

Little Girls vs. Grown Women: Is There A Difference, Really?

The only real difference between little girls and grown women is the latter is better at concealing their nastiness, as I noted during a recent tussle between Savannah and her friend Ashley.  To illustrate how females will verbally jockey for Queen Bee position, I provided a recap of the dispute, followed by an adult version, had the girls been 30 years older.

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