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How Battling The Big Boy Insurance Companies Has Transformed Me In Ways I’d Rather Not Admit

On the shelf where I keep Savannah’s medical supplies, there are several outdated prescriptions. I hang on to these bottles the way a needy child’s clings to her security blanket. Years will pass before I’ll throw those suckers out.

When you have a child with a medical condition that requires several medications, especially if one is expensive, you’re on constant alert for that one insurance company glitch that will prevent the specialty pharmacy from refilling your order. It keeps you on the defensive and you become a Nazi with your record keeping. You also do crazy things like keep old medicine “just in case.” In an emergency, something is better than nothing, you theorize.

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The Hardest Part About Being A Single Parent

I recently read a blog post where the writer, a single mom like myself, listed the drawbacks of solo parenting. The list included the obvious: lack of sex, money, no one to help with household chores, etc.

While certainly applicable to my life, the list could have been ripped from one of those pointless government studies.  If asked what I need and crave most, it would be having somebody to share in making decisions. To me, a luxury item is a warm body I can turn to and utter those simple words: “What do you think, honey?” or better “You decide!”

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Lord Of The Flies Girl Style

The way 8-year-old girls use their mouths as assault weapons, torturing and humiliating friends and enemies alike with words, it’s amazing one has never been called to The Hague for crimes against humanity.

I witnessed the depth of their pettiness when last Friday I led a group from Savannah’s class in an art project.

My fail rate for group projects, as Savannah so often reminds me, is high.  One year, I created a strawberry smoothie tsunami when I spilled a fresh batch outside the school cafeteria at lunch hour.  So, when I arrived at school on Friday, I was prepared, just not for the job handed to me:  fight referee.

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Sunday’s Saying

Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials. -Meryl Streep

Get Me To The E.R. In Time: An Unnatural Birth Story

Delayed trains and bad weather couldn’t deter me from missing the documentary on Ina May Gaskin at Barnard last Sunday.

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And Here’s Who Threw Up Today

Only a 7-year-old would consider the highlight of her school day who vomited in class, and then rush to tell her mom.

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Princess Frostine vs. Old Maid

When I was pregnant, and gleefully digesting endless books in preparation for motherhood and parenting, not one of those so-called experts revealed the ugly truth: I would have to endure years of Candyland.

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