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Thank God For Friday And Other Stuff

I was finishing up my cheese omelet when I saw a distinguished figure part a cluster of waiters like Moses the Red Sea and make his way toward the back of the restuarant where I was sitting.

It was during the final days of his term, but I was still shocked to see Mayor Bloomberg at my local diner and arriving for a breakfast meeting no less. Isn’t that what Gracie Mansion for?

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The Things I’m Grateful For

Caught up in the day-to-day details of job, clients, bills, it’s easy to overlook the abundance of good things in my life.  So, today being Thanksgiving, I share a short list of things I’m grateful for.  Big or small, I’d love to hear some of yours.

My job. Better yet, I got one that allows me to work from home two days.

My daughter.  I had an unexpected pregnancy, so motherhood was a notion I had dismissed.  Little did I know that one person could make me laugh so hard.

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