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How Match.com Can Help Single Parents “Fall Into Love” This October


Earlier this year I dated a man who seemed perfect in every way until one night at a cozy downtown bistro he unleashed a tirade about his ex-girlfriend’s two adopted children.

“Oh, gawd, they were horrible,” he wailed.  “I suggested she send them back to Russia.”

He snickered.  I cringed.

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Weekly Dating Dope

Don’t make the hasty assumption that because someone is on a dating web site that they actually want to meet, much less date.  The online dating world is littered with lonely souls, married men and fakes who, if not nip in the bud, will keep you in a perpetual spin cycle of e-mails.  If they can’t meet, or at the very least talk, after 3 or 4 e-mails, cut and run.

Create a Match.com Summer Singles Event and Win

No one gets the thrill – and some would say, misery – of online dating than the relationship experts at Match.com. Last year, the folks who put online dating on the map added another layer of pizzaz to the dating matrix with the launch of Match.com Stir Events, which are exclusive, offline single events for their members.

In the first year, Match.com hosted a whopping 2,850 events nationwide with 1,200 partners, including House of Blues, Banana Republic, Sur la Table and Warrior Dash, along with local favorites in host cities. Broken down, it came to 14 events each day, 75 events a week, 320 per month.

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Sister Wives Here I Come!

After two exceptionally brutal years on the New York dating circuit, I’m starting to think the polygamy might be the answer, after all.

Blame it Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn Brown, the stars of TLC’s show “Sister Wives.”

As an independent, professional woman living in lower Manhattan, I’ve become fascinated with these four Mormon women, who driven by religion conviction, have shunned traditional marriage.  Their devotion to the polygamous Kody is mind-boggling and what kept me glued to the TV for two seasons, devouring their every birth, anniversary and shopping trip.

Yet, stranger than the sister wives’ cult-like adoration for Kody is that despite his lifestyle he’s nice and quite good looking – even someone I might date.  On his advertising sales salary he’s no Mitt Romney, but he’s not Warren Jeffs either. He’s like the neighbor who lends you his snow blower or voluntarily rakes your leaves.  But like any guy he has a rap.  His is just perfected.

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Match.com Needs To Become More Like Yelp

As a battle fatigued warrior of the online dating world, I wish Match.com would become more Yelp-like and install a rating system so women could weigh-in on the pros and cons of each man profiled.  It would keep the riff-raff at bay and limit the number of dating disasters, namely mine.

Foodies can be especially lethal with their Yelp reviews, attacking everything from the chef’s hollandaise sauce to the wine, so God knows what a disgruntled single woman, secure behind the safety of her computer screen, might unleash in a post after a bad date.  But, given the opportunity, here is what I would say about some of my past dates:

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