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Thank You Sports Illustrated!

Ashley GrahamEat a McDonald’s Big Mac Kate Moss. Make that two or three. If you haven’t noticed, the boys at Sports Illustrated just gave you their middle finger.

On Sunday it was announced that for the first time in SI’s 52-year-history they put a put a plus size model on its cover. Ashley Graham, one of the three to grace the 2016 swimsuit issue cover, is a whopping size 16.

My response? Hallelujah!

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Green Bagels? Oh, Spare Me!

Nutrition lesson: I could be Kate Moss-skinny if only food companies dyed food green.  Preferably, Kelly green.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, my office served green bagels for breakfast. The creme cheese they left alone.

Green bagels.  It’s one of those ideas that sounds cute, but when executed has the appeal of frog sashimi and blood pudding.

By midday, of no surprise to me given I’d skipped the St. Pat’s Day treat, the platter of those big, doughy boys was barely touched.

Now, if only Hershey’s, Hostess and Sara Lee would follow suit.