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One More Reason To Love Grandma

A while back I tallied how much I spent in childcare since Savannah was born. When I tried to share the figure with a single mom friend, she stopped me. “Don’t!  It’s too depressing,” she barked.

She was right.  But, oh, the things I could have done with that money.  Bought beachfront property in the Hamptons.  Got a boob job, facelift and a lifetime supply of Botox.  Opened an orphanage in India and saved thousands of homeless children.  Instead, I paid for college girls to sit on the couch and text their boyfriends.

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Educated People’s Problems

“All he does is sit in a corner and read!” the boy’s mother whined to me with complete and utter exasperation.

Savannah was about 4 at this time and we were at the Chelsea Piers for free play. While her kid was tucked in a corner speed-reading Harry Potter, mine was about to make a nosedive into the ball pit.

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