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The Super Bowl And Hookers, An Annual American Tradition

With the Super Bowl coming to the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and hotels filled to capacity, a friend suggested I rent out my apartment.

I was intrigued but worried that in the wrong hands my place would be turned into a frat house. I imagined returning to stale beer puddles and furniture dotted with cigarette burns.

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Questions For The Millionaire Madam

First was the Mayflower Madam.  Then Jersey girl Ashley Dupre.  And, now from upstate New York the Millionaire Madam (a.k.a. Anna Scotland Gristina).

What makes Anna so gosh darn interesting is that she’s so homespun she screams soccer mom.  I have this image in my head of her stirring a pot of chili while talking on the phone with a John.  “I got this blonde with 34 DDs that I think you’ll love…”

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