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My Life In Knots: Snowflake Hat


This is my first snowflake hat and, unfortunately, the photo doesn’t do the project justice.  Up close it is adorable.

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My Life In Knots: Lady Godiva Scarf




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Where Does One Hide Xmas Gifts?

Nothing drives home the fact you live in a small, cramped NYC apartment until you try to hide Xmas gifts. Suddenly, a damp, ugly basement seems rather appealing.

No More Christmas Shopping For Me

Come on folks. Let’s all join hands now and make a pact: “I solemnly promise not to spend any more money on Christmas gifts….unless the sale is too good to resist.”

Hold The Tears: Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll Is Back In Stock

Listen up parents, grandparents, aunts and wanna-be Santas.  The most–searched toy on Walmart.com this Christmas season is back in stock.

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