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Case Close…. Temporarily

The social worker from Administration from Children Services (ACS) kept calling. She was eager to close the case and get the file with the allegations from the rage-fueled off her desk.  (See: Are All Fathers Created Equal? Not Really)

I was happy my nightmare was coming to an end but irked that taxpayer money was spent investigating me when somewhere there was a child locked in a closet or being denied food. Every year in New York another child makes headlines for dying at the hands of his parents. The common thread running through all these cases is that there was horrific abuse that occurred over a prolonged period because ACS dropped the ball.

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Amanda Heard: Proof That Domestic Abuse Is More Common Than People Think

When I read that Johnny Depp was physically abusive with Amanda Heard, I wasn’t surprised. Not a bit. I never got a good vibe from the actor and found his “I’m-cooler-than-cool” persona trite.

What I’m curious to know is why the bisexual actress who has bragged about owning a gun stayed with the hotheaded star so long? Why didn’t she walk after the first punch or drunken threat with a broken beer bottle?

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