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Facebook: The Haunted House Down The Street

I put Facebook in the same category as the haunted house down the street.  Interesting and amusing, while at the same time weird and creepy.

Of late, I rarely go on Facebook.  My daughter is pretty ordinary and I have no cats, so there’s no point, really.  Yet, occasionally I’ll pop on to collect an e-mail address or phone number, and immediately get sucked into reading posts.  It’s comparable to taking a power drill to my ego.

Who knew I had so many “friends” with such gifted children or amusing animals?  It makes me wonder: are ordinary folks allowed to post on Facebook?

Is That A Cat or Child?

Getting kids ready for school in the morning and herding cats: Let’s not kid ourselves.  There ain’t no difference.

Thoughts On Class Field Trips

Class field trips and herding cats.  I’m no so sure if there’s a difference.

If it was up to me, I just take the class to Central Park and let them run around Diana Ross playground.  Now that’s a field trip!

Cats & Dogs

When you reach the point where you’re holding birthday parties in Central Park for your poodle, it’s time to consider getting a cat.