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Take Five Q&A: Jayanti Tamm, Author of “Cartwheels In A Sari”

AuthorBlessed with exceptional weather this summer, I spent many weekends at the beach under my an umbrella indulging in my favorite pastime: reading.  One of the best books I read during this period was Jayanti Tamm’s book “Cartwheels In A Sari,” an amazing story of girl who grew up in  a “cult” led by the guru Sri Chinmoy, a man who declared himself “God.”

For years I’ve seen Sri Chinmoy’s posters scattered throughout Manhattan advertising free mediations classes, so was initially drawn to “Cartwheels In A Sari” out of curiosity.  Yet it was Jayanti’s exceptional writing and gift for storytelling that made me not want to put the book down.

The book is written through the eyes of child, and reading about Sri Chimnoy’s absurd demands and restrictive lifestyle that forbid followers TV, music, movies and relations with the opposite sex, I found myself both laughing while simultaneously feeling sorry for the little girl described in the book.

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New York Times Best Selling Author Jane Green’s Summer Secrets Makes For Perfect Beach Reading

Summer Secrets final coverWith New York City temperatures soaring, I have been escaping to the Jersey Shore on the weekends with Summer Secrets (St. Martin’s Press) by New York Times bestselling author Jane Green. A juicy drama filled with rich characters set against glitzy locations, it’s the perfect book to escape with on a warm summer’s day.

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New York Times Bestselling Author Launches A Kickstarter Campaign to Self-Publish Her First Cookbook

Jane Green, the bestselling author of Tempting Fate, Jemima J, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to self-publish her first cookbook, Good Taste.

Drawing on stories from her life and the food that runs through them––from caring and cooking for a friend with breast cancer, to supporting her blended family with six kids and several animals, and her family’s recent move into an antique cottage on the water––the book is a combination of recipes, gorgeous photos and her signature warm and witty storytelling.

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Liz Tames A Dragon…And Her Anger

Around 5:00 on New Year’s Day, I got the call. “You gotta come pick up this kid,” Savannah’s father blurted before I even had time to say hello.Book Cover - Liz

Kid. It was that bad. He wasn’t even referring to Savannah by name.

By the time I arrived at his East Village apartment, she was calm, but a he said, she said debate was brewing about what triggered the meltdown. I suspected she was cranky from staying up till 3:00 a.m. the night before and domestic issues in his home, but at the point my only concern was how to prevent future outbursts.

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New Book Encourages Parents To Return To The Basics and Emphasizes One-On-One Play

Back when I was new mom and hell-bent on raising the perfect child, there wasn’t a class, book or toy I wouldn’t try.

Today I look back at my antics and laugh.  Baby Einstein?   Really, what was I thinking?Retro_Baby_cover_v5_smallEST

I could have avoided these missteps had Retro Baby: Cut Back on All the Gear and Boost Your Baby’s Development With More Than 100 Time-Tested Activities been available when my daughter was born.  The new book published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advising parents to dump the gadgets and bond the old-fashioned way by going back to the basics.

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