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Friday Fun Fact

Blog - Image - Bday partyIn an online survey sponsored by Country Crock, 87 percent of parens listed “the pressure they put on themselves” as the leading common stressor when planning a child’s birthday party.

A Killer Piñata vs. A Earth Day Celebration

There should be a law as to how long a 7-year-old can talk about her birthday party.  Any thing beyond two weeks should be prohibited.

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Eloise & Savannah: Party At The Plaza Hotel

I am probably the only person in the world who never fancied Eloise.  Maybe it’s the mommy factor.  I’ve always been bothered by the way she was dumped at The Plaza Hotel, along with her nanny, while her mom lived the good life in Paris, though admittedly it’s a parenting strategy I’ve contemplated.

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