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Daily Thought

“Don’t say yes when you want to say no. You’re letting yourself down if you do favors you don’t want to do. Next time someone asks for something that will make you feel funky, and you feel the urge to say “yes,” remind yourself they are asking, not ordering. You will respect yourself more later on.”  HealthPlace.com, 10 Ways to Feel Positive and Confident

Weekly Dating Dose

The most lethal person on the dating scene is the newly-separated, soon-to-be divorced man.  He’s a whirl of confusion, and packed with more issues, mamma baby drama and emotional baggage than Third Class steerage on the Titanic.  And fresh out of family court, he’s also broke.  Unless you enjoy hearing stories about the “be-otch” ex-wife, better to avoid this one.

Weekly Dating Dope

There’s no such thing as a “No Strings Attached” (NSA) relationship.  The minute pants, socks and shirts hit the floor, strings become attached, so don’t kid yourself.  Someone trying to convince you it’s okay to “f— and run” wants the benefits of the relationship without the work and effort.

Best to move on and continue flying solo until you find someone who values you enough to stay for the cigarette and pillow talk.

Weekly Dating Dope

A guy who shows up for a date with a six-pack and a Staten Island driver’s license is never a good sign.

Weekly Dating Dose

Not Googling your date is a bit like driving without a seat belt.  Always Google. Always.

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