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Wordless Wednesday

IMG_1834 As a sign of their commitment to one another, lovers hang locks from the Brooklyn Bridge and throw the key into East River.

Weekly Dating Dope

Think twice before rescheduling with a guy who cancels the first date.  Not being able to get it together first time out speaks volumes.  Reschedule and chances are he’ll cancel that date too.

Weekly Dating Dope

There’s no such thing as a “No Strings Attached” (NSA) relationship.  The minute pants, socks and shirts hit the floor, strings become attached, so don’t kid yourself.  Someone trying to convince you it’s okay to “f— and run” wants the benefits of the relationship without the work and effort.

Best to move on and continue flying solo until you find someone who values you enough to stay for the cigarette and pillow talk.

Weekly Dating Dope

Don’t allow a couple e-mails exchange lead you to think you’re special and possibly the one.  If he’s talking to you online, he’s also talking to someone else.

Weekly Dating Dope

Don’t give too much “phone” or “e-mail” before the first date. For some men – and women – that electrifying first phone conversation, that one that prompts people to fast forward and say things like, “If this works out, we can get a theatre subscription together,” is entertainment, a diversion from their lonely, solitary life.

They’ll hang up feeling warm and fuzzy, but having lost the incentive to go through with the date.  They’ll either cancel or boot you to the re-schedule spin cycle.  “Eh, I think I gotta stomach bug, can we do next Tuesday?”

I liken it to eating too many appetizers before dinner.  By the time your meal arrives, you’re too stuffed to eat.  The chef’s special no longer seems all that special.

Keep it to one or two calls and a handful of e-mails.  No more.

Weekly Dating Dope

Taking relationship advice from a single friend is comparable to asking a blind man for directions.  Instead of relying on your equally miserable single girlfriends for counsel, seek out happily married sistas and grandma-types. Having succeeded at the dating game, they have great insight and intuition when it comes to men and relationships.

My BFF, who has been married 32 years and is also a grandma, is and my go-to person when I have a “dating crises.”  With no book or talk show to her credit, her pearls of wisdom are always right on and can compete with Dr. Phil or John Gray any day.

Weekly Dating Dope

Given the choice between looks and intelligence, choose the guy with the brains. Intellects come with good books, so not only will you get more a.m. bathroom time, but a well-stocked library.

Also, think about it, do you really want to date someone more attractive than you?