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Beware Of Smart Guys

Intelligence is like a lethal weapon on the dating scene. A man with brains never has trouble getting laid.

Intelligence For Me Is The Dating Black

There’s something irresistibly sexy about a guy with nice stack of books and a few college degrees.


Dating 2012

How did anyone date pre-Google?  It’s just a given that before I do my hair and make-up I’m Googling the dude.  And, for the more shady characters, I’ll kick it up and do a Net Detective search.

Dating Tip

Here’s a trick from a veteran dater on how to land a second date.  Never talk about yourself.  You can be a world class luger.  Doesn’t matter.  Keep your trap shut and sit back and let the guy ramble on about his stock portfolio, SAT scores, asthma and rock collection.  He’ll think you’re fascinating and be dying to talk to you again.