In Sickness and Health, Kids Don’t get Hung Up on the Details

Two of the girls in Savannah’s cabin at summer camp this year were missing a leg. How or why two people at such a young age could meet such a fate I’ll never know. When I pressed Savannah for an answer, I got the standard “Dunno!”

For the past three years, Savannah has been blessed to spend a week each summer at Hole in the Wall Camp in Connecticut. Founded by Paul Newman, the camp serves children with serious medical conditions free of charge.

Hole In The Wall is best described as a utopia in the wilderness for children.  With its rustic cabins trimmed in bright colors, Western-themed theater, and big blue lake,  it resembles something created by a Hollywood set designer. It’s that perfect. Living up to their motto of a “camp for serious fun,” it offers everything from horseback riding to zip lining.

Savannah spends 51 weeks a year talking about those seven days she’s at camp, but, if asked, she couldn’t name one camper’s diagnosis. Nor does she care. To me, this is the beauty of children. They don’t get hung up on details. Bring a bunch of sick kids together and their health becomes a minor footnote.

Unlike me, I always wonder. At the endocrinologist’s office, when I spot a child with her mom, I’m curious and want details. What is the diagnosis? What were the events that triggered the doctors to become suspicious and run tests? Are her parents stressed and worried as I am about their child’s future?


2 responses to “In Sickness and Health, Kids Don’t get Hung Up on the Details

  1. You aren’t alone in wondering about those at he specialists office with you. I think it stems from a need to feel community. These are our people, but all too often we are focused on self preservation at our appointments.


  2. Thank you for sharing this with me, you are right, most f the worry is reserved for us parents! Thank goodness! X


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