There’s a Little of Huma Abedin in Every Woman

“I don’t know why she doesn’t leave him!” I heard many of women snap whenever the Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal came up in conversation.

This “holier than thou” attitude toward Huma Abedin often sprouted from the mouths of women I consider smart, sophisticated go-getters, yet were one time or another involved with questionable characters themselves. I’m talking about women who were with players, hustlers and drunks, or who allowed themselves to be humiliated by their significant other’s behavior because they insisted “we have a great connection.” One would assume these ladies, upon noting the common thread, be oozing with sympathy when it’s the exact opposite.  They’re often even more critical of the Huma’s of the world.

Here’s my response to those critics. Women are foolish, and when it comes to matters of the heart, can justify the most heinous, unthinkable acts. I include myself in this group.  My talent of choosing wrongly has left a trail of embarrassing, nasty relationships in my wake.  My story would make a great WE movie.

Clearly, I’m not alone.  Years ago when I was at the crux of my custody battle I ran a single mom’s group at the local YMCA. My take away from those years as the facilitator / pseudo-therapist is that when it comes to the matters of the heart all it takes is some flowers and the right words for the rose color glasses to go on.

Often a woman in the group would describe the state of her marriage, and the signs of an affair were oblivious.  Yet, when I would ask, “You didn’t think it was odd he took his calls in another room?” or “Where did you think he was when he didn’t come home at night?” I’d get a blank stare.

I’m sure Huma Abedin had her own rose colored glasses.  Big, important job, impressive education, designer dresses aside, doesn’t matter. It takes a lot to get a woman to walk out of a marriage. Also, with her schedule, when does she have time to gather the paperwork required for a New York divorce?

Then there’s the Clinton Camp, who to whom Anthony Weiner was that ugly wart that wouldn’t disappear. The last thing they would want are images of a shirtless Carlos Danger making headlines.

So, to those women who say, “I would have left him after the first tweet?” my response: “Doubtful.”

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