Daily Thought

“Get grateful. Write a thank-you note, or call someone to say thanks for meeting with you for lunch last week. People who are mindful of the positives in their life, create more positive energy. Comment on a post you like, email a friend, or even write down what you are grateful for in the moment (try and think of 5 new ones each time).”  HealthPlace.com, 10 Ways to Feel Positive and Confident

3 responses to “Daily Thought

  1. Autism; Interrupted

    Thank you for this. When I’m not feeling too grateful, I try to remember my manners and fake it till I make it. This is an easy way to lead yourself into gratitude. Thank you for your daily thoughts. I find I’m looking forward to reading them. Have a great day.


  2. So true! When I find myself feeling overwhelmed or indulging in self-pity this is exactly what I do now. Great advice!


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