Daily Thought

“Don’t say yes when you want to say no. You’re letting yourself down if you do favors you don’t want to do. Next time someone asks for something that will make you feel funky, and you feel the urge to say “yes,” remind yourself they are asking, not ordering. You will respect yourself more later on.”  HealthPlace.com, 10 Ways to Feel Positive and Confident

2 responses to “Daily Thought

  1. It is difficult, but one needs to train themselves to say “no” unless they really want to say “yes”. Otherwise, the answer should always be “no”. It is easier to later say “ok”, and your later “yes” is often more appreciated than had you immediately said “yes”.

    What is not likes, is for you to initially say “yes” and later come to your senses and say “no”; otherwise, you are stuck doing something you really don’t want to do.


  2. Great blog… its interesting 🙂


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