My Life In Knots: Misti Chunky Rib Scarf

IMG_7111Often I knit with no intent in mind.  I’m more an impulse knitter, purchasing colors and brands I love knowing eventually I’ll find a the right owner of the scarf or hat I’m making.

This scarf is case at point.  I’m a big fan of Misti Baby Alpaca and immediately fell in love with these colors.

IMG_7049 Chunky Alpaca is not cheap, so the scarf sat tucked in my drawer for a long time before I stumbled upon that perfect someone: Savannah’s endocrinologist.  She was so over-the-moon when I presented it to her last Thursday, which every knitter longs to see, it made the wait — and cost — worthwhile.

Final note, I have knitted this pattern several times; however, for this particular project I omitted the ruffles.


One response to “My Life In Knots: Misti Chunky Rib Scarf

  1. Love a blogger who knits. Knitting is so therapeutic. Living in Arizona scarf, hats and mittens are useless so here my knitting is Dishcloths. Not sexy but at least useful. Keep knitting and writing.


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