My Life In Knots: Snowflake Hat


This is my first snowflake hat and, unfortunately, the photo doesn’t do the project justice.  Up close it is adorable.

I’m a mindless knitter.  It’s more something I do to relax or to occupy myself while waiting at doctor’s appointments and in lines, so was reluctant to attempt a pattern.  Yet, this pattern, which I picked up off Raverly, is surprisingly easy.

I was quite pleased with the finished project, though it was smaller than expected.  Since it didn’t fit me or my daughter, I gave it a friend’s granddaughter who happens to lives down the hall.  She’s a girly-girl with a fondness for pink and purple, so I’m hoping she wears it.

The pattern is called Rudensk, which I learned is a municiplity in Belarus.  (Go figure.)  Here’s the pattern, should you be interested in knitting your own snowflake hat: Rudensk

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