Don’t Go Bringing Oprah Into This

At this stage in my dating career, I thought I had heard every plausible, lame excuse for ending a relationship.

“I don’t see this as working.”

Yup, heard it. Many times, in fact.

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

Standard line, but I appreciate the intent to be kind and gentle.

“I need to focus on my career.”

In today’s economy who doesn’t?

But recently someone superseded the ridiculous and unloaded the granddaddy of reasons for a breakup: “You watch Oprah.”


Since the Cave Man days, men have been having affairs, blaming their intrusive mother-in- laws and allowing their drinking and drugging to ruin their relationships. Yet, to blame Oprah for a relationship’s demise is War of the Roses stuff. It calls into question everything this person said and did. Does he torture small animals? Cheat on his taxes? Forge checks?

It was a low blow that nearly caused me to choke on my peppermint tea.  Oprah is, after all, the Queen of Daytime TV.  And so what if she allowed Tom Cruise jump on her couch.  Did he not see the episode where she gave her every audience member a new car or the ones with John Walsh? Does he have any idea how many predators that man caught?!

Some things and people are so far ahead of we mortals they should never be ‘dissed. Gandhi certainly falls into that class. Hank Aaron, no doubt. Dr. Seuss, depending on whom you ask. But I think that everyone would agree that Oprah deserves a place on the list.

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