Thank You Sports Illustrated!

Ashley GrahamEat a McDonald’s Big Mac Kate Moss. Make that two or three. If you haven’t noticed, the boys at Sports Illustrated just gave you their middle finger.

On Sunday it was announced that for the first time in SI’s 52-year-history they put a put a plus size model on its cover. Ashley Graham, one of the three to grace the 2016 swimsuit issue cover, is a whopping size 16.

My response? Hallelujah!

I’m the girl who spent a lifetime cursing my curves as I’ve attempted to sweat, starve and aerobicize my way to “skinny.” I was dieting before I could walk and I’m sure if my mother had her druthers she would have substituted whole milk for Slim Fast in my bottle.

Decades later there isn’t a diet I haven’t tried once, some several times. Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Paleo, Atkins – been there, done that. The results were always minimal, but the blow to my self-esteem massive. The only thing I gained from all those  years in the dieting spin circle is the knowledge that I can’t count Weight Watcher’s points and Marie Osmond is a liar. NutriSystem is basically chemicals and cardboard in a tasteless tomato sauce.

The irony is my chunky thighs and booty aside I’m pretty darn healthy. I don’t smoke or drink and I limit processed foods, sugar, red meat, while exercising regularly. Anytime I get blood drawn my lab reports are bound to impress the most cynical doctor.
The average American woman is 5’4, weighs 166 and wears a size 12-14. The average model is 5’10 and weighs a mere 107 pounds. When SI’s highly anticipated swimsuit issue hit the newsstands, I believe I joined women nationwide in a collective sigh of relief. Finally, someone who looks like she doesn’t belong in a Sally Struthers’ PSA for starving children!
I’d like to believe this is the beginning. That SI is a trendsetter charging women to love and accept our God-given bodies and end our dieting obsession. I cross my fingers that others – Vogue, Glamour, Cosmo – will follow. So, come on Anna Wintour. Get off your fashionista pedestal and put the chubby girl on the cover. Surely, the House of Channel must have a size 14 somewhere.


2 responses to “Thank You Sports Illustrated!

  1. While I am both a fitness and foodie fanatic I agree that there is such thing as to skinny. You put it out there… nicely done 🙂


  2. People come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s time we started seeing that reflected in public media. Great read!


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