My Life In Knots: Cables

IMG_6334I discovered the joy of knitting cables late in my “knitting career.”  For years I deliberately stayed away from knitting anything with cables, assuming they would be too difficult for a bang-it-out-and-get-it-done knitter like myself.  That theory got quickly put to rest with the discovery of this pattern on Raverly (Cable Hat).  I’m now hooked.

IMG_6338The beauty of cables is they refine projects and appear more complicated and labor intensive than they actually are.  IMG_6340

The hat my daughter is wearing is one of several cables hats I made this past fall.  The blue cable next to the smaller infant cap were a gift for my neighbor.  I knitted the cable for her 3-year-old.  Then, not knowing what to do with the remaining yarn, I knitted a matching hat for her newborn.

5 responses to “My Life In Knots: Cables

  1. They are very pretty.
    I too just really discovered the joys of cables this fall.
    I fell in love with an owl pattern and I just had to brave the cables.


  2. I love cable knitting! I love it when you try it for the first time and you see how simple it is but it looks so complicated. Have fun!


  3. The cables look great!


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