My Weekend With Wayne Dyer

Wayne DyerIn the summer of 2000 I did a weekend workshop at the Omega Institute with Wayne Dyer.  I was in my “New Age period,” devouring all the best-selling books by the top spiritual and self-help experts of the time.  Because I live in New York, most would eventually drop-in for a lecture or workshop, so I got to meet such key players as Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain, Deepak Chopra, John Gray and Marianne Williamson; however, no one could command the audience’s attention like Dyer

What struck me about those two days I sat listening to Dyer lecture in the sunlight auditorium at Omega is that he spoke without notes or prompts. He could eloquently weave words together to explain ideas on universal energy, self-actualization and spirituality and never pause. His presentation was seamless. There was also something about his energy that felt very calm and grounded.

At one point during the weekend, an audience member disrupted the lecture, complaining there were no exercises or group activities.  Dyer’s response: “We could do that, but people paid to hear me speak.”  Not one for breakout groups or exercises, I was relieved.

Years later I got the opportunity of the lifetime when a client hired Deepak Chopra to speak at an event. Riding in the car to the event with Chopra I couldn’t resist, and leaning over from the back seat blurted: “I’m a huge fan of your friend Wayne Dyer.”

Dyer’s teachings on universal energy never got old to me and I still periodically watch clips from his PBS special on YouTube. Everyone should at least once.

On Sunday it was announced Dyer died in Maui.  I ironically learned about it on Facebook when a former colleague credited me for introducing her to the self-help guru.

In lectures and writing, Dyer was prone to say, “We’re just spiritual beings having a human experience.”  As a father, grandfather, lecturer and author of 40 books, 20 best-sellers and 10 PBS specials, what an incredible human experience he had.


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