Real Estate Envy

The side effect of living in a small New York apartment is anytime I step off the island I find myself coming down with a bad case of real estate envy.

When you catch yourself eyeing a 4 bedroom house in Nowhereville, Maine just because it has a blueberry bush in the side yard, dismissing the fact that the average temperature is 30 below in the winter by saying things like, “that’s what fleece and flannel are for” it’s a problem.

2 responses to “Real Estate Envy

  1. Another blogger I follow lives in Brooklyn and I am in awe of what she pays for her small apartment. It’s a nice apartment, but it’s six times the cost of the same space and amenities here in Indianapolis, so I can see how you’d suffer real estate envy. But you know, it’s New York City, so it must be worth it!


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