Stump The Tooth Fairy

Move over Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and Wendy.  Savannah, my 9-year-old is already showing talk show potential.  In Barbara Walters fashion, she used losing her tooth as an opportunity to interview the Tooth Fair and left a list of questions, along with a somewhat bloody tooth in a baggy, under her pillow. Here are some of the doozies:

How do you become a firy [stet]?

What is your name?

How do you enter the firy world?

Can you leve a picher [stet] of yourself so I know what you look like?

Then, sounding more Dan Rather than talk show host, she wrote:

Can you sign hear [stet] that you are a real fairy?

One response to “Stump The Tooth Fairy

  1. That is so adorable!


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