Make It A Special Occasion With Anna de Codorníu

On the kitchen ceiling in my childhood home was a series of indents, each marking the special occasion my parents popped open a bottle of champagne.

Saving bubbly, as my folks did, for anniversaries, graduations and significant birthdays has become a relic of the past.  With Anna de Codorníu, Spain’s leading sparkling wine, you can add charm and excitement to any occasion, from girls’ night out to a casual brunch or an elegant soirée.

Anna is sourced from the best quality estate-grown fruit from vineyards near Barcelona.  Steeped in the life and legacy of Spain’s premier sparkling wines, known as “cava,” Anna debuted in 1984 as the first cava to incorporate Chardonnay, resulting in the vibrant, crisp profile that is a signature of the wine.

It is name for the last heiress of the Codorníu winemaking family who marriedAnna winemaker Miquel Raventós in 1659; her descendants were the first to master the Méthode Traditionelle” of making sparkling wine in Spain, and thus began the rich history of cava. Then and now, the family behind Anna has been inspired by the strong character of the Spanish woman who launched a winemaking dynasty more than three centuries ago.

What are you celebrating?  Mark the occasion with Anna Brut or Brut Rosé.  Bottles retail for $14.99 and are exclusively distributed by Aveníu Brands based in Baltimore, Maryland.  For more information







One response to “Make It A Special Occasion With Anna de Codorníu

  1. sounds like a delicious bubbly, will have to try it


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