Educated People’s Problems

“All he does is sit in a corner and read!” the boy’s mother whined to me with complete and utter exasperation.

Savannah was about 4 at this time and we were at the Chelsea Piers for free play. While her kid was tucked in a corner speed-reading Harry Potter, mine was about to make a nosedive into the ball pit.

The boy’s mother was the classic high-achieving, overly-educated, New York parent who ran her kid’s life with the efficiency of the German train system.

Still, part of me was a bit envious.  A kid who prefers books to computer games and Disney Channel. I don’t think my kid ever sat quietly in the corner.  Ever.

Complaining about a kid who prefers reading to the cartoons is a bit like Imelda Marcos whining she doesn’t know what to do with all her shoes.  It’s a problem I, as most parent I assume, would welcome.

As for that annoying mom at the Chelsea Piers, here’s my advice: relax.  When you’re kid gets into Stuyvesant High School or gets a perfect score on his SAT, the fact that on he read books in a corner while the kids around him wrestled and jump on top of each other will seem like a non issue.

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