Thank God For Friday And Other Stuff

I was in so much pain that my usually swift gait had become a limp-along-shuffle.

The doctor, diagnosing a UTI gone wild, suspected it had spread to either my bladder or kidneys and quickly wrote a prescription for antibiotics.  At that point I’d take a script for anything.

“Just think, back in the 1800s, you would have died,” a friend pointed out when I shared my pain. “You know how many thousands of guys were left on the battle field to sweat it out?”


Not exactly what I wanted to hear as what felt like knives ripped apart my insides, but sometimes it takes the friend’s perspective to the shift the bad attitude and appreciate all those things we take for granted: food, clean water, advances in medicine and technology.

Today, as the medicine works its magic, I thank God for antibiotics.  Yes, antibiotics.

2 responses to “Thank God For Friday And Other Stuff

  1. Be grateful. Sounds like they’ll be obsolete soon. I’m not sure how my asthma will cope


  2. I didn’t mean to say be grateful full stop. That sounded awful sorry


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