Is It The Mother Or School?

I recently found out that U.S. ranked a shameful 16th out of 23 countries in literacy proficiency.  Topping the list is Japan, Netherlands and Finland.

It begs the question: is it the teaching and testing methods in those countries or that more mothers are on board with screaming every morning: “Put your coat on.  We’re going to be late for school!”

7 responses to “Is It The Mother Or School?

  1. An interesting question as England came out very poorly too. I had a look at the Finnish education system which is all comprehensive rather than different systems in parallel. It helps that it has a small population but it was an interesting piece.


  2. This is a discouraging stat. I had a conversation recently with an academic who does curriculum development and he attributes low North American scores to new teaching methods on North America that aren’t working well and short school days.


  3. Kinda agree. What is more alarming is when you travel and most educated people in other countries speak more than 1 language


  4. Hi im from finland and im currently studying at a senior high school. I think the to reason why the finnish students are doing so great is the simple fact that the relationship between the teacher and the student is very good and personal. We also have a very effectve comprehensive school and we get a very good basic knowledge we can keep buildig at. Since the comprehensive school I havent done a single home work or read to any test and I still get 10 and 9 translating to your A and B. I think this is possible due to the fact that when I was in the comprehensive school I studied alot and my mum also helped me and supported me. If u want to know anything else just ask. But I hope this answers to what u were wondering.


  5. My mom has also been extremely helpful throughout my studies and I would probably not be such a good student without her help


    • Thanks for weighing from Finland. Curious: At what age did you start studying English and how many other languages do you speak?

      Also, did you mother have scream at you in the mother to put on your boots and coat, or you’ll be late for school? Just curious.


      • I started studying English at 3rd grade. I also speak Swedish finnish german. Im not really a language person and I think that the country with the best language skills its the Netherlands.

        No she has never had to scream at me to get to school, I love school. But when I studied for exams she could scream if I did not beahave and learned what I should.


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