Is It The Fruit Cake or The AmEx Bill?

I read in the newspaper the other day that a hospital in Chicago had three heart attacks in the ER in one night.  I wasn’t surprised.  Data shows that more heart attacks happen on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve than any two nights of the year.  And while doctors aren’t really sure why this is so, they cite excessive eating and drinking, and possibly cold weather.

My uneducated guess?  AmEx bills.  That will make one drop to the floor.

And, let’s not forget family dynamics.  Surely there must be a study or data somewhere that shows the effects of sitting at a table for two hours with a bitchy, know-it-all mother-in-law or obnoxious brother.

3 responses to “Is It The Fruit Cake or The AmEx Bill?

  1. Possibly the Christmas Eve statistics may be down to a jolly fat man in a red suit falling down your chimney and asking “whose a good girl then?” New Year’s Eve might be down to our tradition of a thumping great fella knocking your door at midnight with a great big piece of coal in his hand.


  2. I was trying to forget about that bill….. 😀


  3. This year, I think my Amex bill is going to give me a heart attack.


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