Weekly Dating Dose

The most lethal person on the dating scene is the newly-separated, soon-to-be divorced man.  He’s a whirl of confusion, and packed with more issues, mamma baby drama and emotional baggage than Third Class steerage on the Titanic.  And fresh out of family court, he’s also broke.  Unless you enjoy hearing stories about the “be-otch” ex-wife, better to avoid this one.

3 responses to “Weekly Dating Dose

  1. Ha! Love this! I know one of these…


  2. Maybe some are, maybe some are not. To lump them all in one column is not fair and completely biased. We are not caught up on that realm, while I believe that there are many men caught in this cycle, there are a number of us that are not. I being one of them. We are just ready to move on, maybe the marriage was dead along time ago and there was just no way out. In this day and age, being a 40 something divorced man it is hard enough to weed out the “no drama” women. I’ve got news for you life is drama. Those of us that are well adjusted but still in the midst of divorce are good men and looking for good men. You should never rule someone out for the reasons above. You will miss a good man…..unless you are caught up in the whole lifeless “no drama” realm.

    Just my two cents.


    • Thanks for chiming in with another opinion. Of course, the door swings both ways, so I don’t mean to single out men. I made that comment realizing that there are always exceptions to the rules. Case at point, my girlfriend met her current husband while she was in the middle of a very ugly child custody case and they’ve been together — quite happily, I should ad — 20+ years.


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