Weekly Dating Dope

Don’t give too much “phone” or “e-mail” before the first date. For some men – and women – that electrifying first phone conversation, that one that prompts people to fast forward and say things like, “If this works out, we can get a theatre subscription together,” is entertainment, a diversion from their lonely, solitary life.

They’ll hang up feeling warm and fuzzy, but having lost the incentive to go through with the date.  They’ll either cancel or boot you to the re-schedule spin cycle.  “Eh, I think I gotta stomach bug, can we do next Tuesday?”

I liken it to eating too many appetizers before dinner.  By the time your meal arrives, you’re too stuffed to eat.  The chef’s special no longer seems all that special.

Keep it to one or two calls and a handful of e-mails.  No more.

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